• 1000 Clock Hours

The barber program prepares you to become a licensed professional. Future Professionals will learn the fundamentals of shaving, haircutting, hair coloring, styling, esthetics and manicuring to pass the Texas licensing exam and gain the advanced understanding and techniques to successfully compete in the dynamic barber industry.
In Phase 1, you begin the first week learning and practicing different facets of your new Barber Career. You continue learning shaving, cuts, color, styling and nail and skin services from demonstrations and hands-on practice. Pass a practical exam to begin Phase 2.
In Phase 2, you work on clients under close supervision of an instructor, building your confidence and advancing into the latest trends. After 900 hours, you may take the Texas written licensing exam.
After completing the program and passing the Texas written and practical evaluation, you obtain a license and are fully qualified to begin working as an entry level Barber.

Barber Curriculum
Practice: Shaving; mustaches and beards; haircutting; hairstyling; hair and scalp treatment, scalp massage; safety, first aid, and sanitation; hairweaving, extensions, and wigs; face and neck massage and treatments; facial hair removal; manicuring; chemistry
(haircoloring, chemical waving, and relaxing); and razor techniques, safety, first aid, and sanitation.
Basics: Anatomy and physiology; disorders of the skin, scalp, hair, and nails; chemistry (haircoloring, chemical waving, and relaxing); bacteriology, sterilization, and sanitation; safety, first aid, and sanitation; barber implements, tools, equipment, and related theory; and history of barbering 150
Business: Texas barber laws and rules; customer service; barbershop management; professional ethics and image; safety, sanitation, related practices, and theory; and hygiene and good grooming. 100
Total hours (One clock hour equals 60 minutes) 1000



Tuition and fees are the responsibility of the future professional. Tuition payments can be made in the form of any of the following: Total Transformation Institute’s payment plan via cash, check, money order or credit card; Title IV funding (if applicable) or Scholarships. A
future professional’s End of Contract date (EOC) is calculated to include 100 hours for unforeseen absences. Total Transformation Institute will charge an additional fee for any TDLR required clock hours, practical applications, or written work remaining after the end of
contract date at the rate of $10 per hour or any part thereof until graduation requirements are fulfilled.

Tuition for 1000 clock hours
(Approximately 7 ½ months full time)
$14,000 Tuition and Fees may be covered by Financial Aid or Payment Plans.
Future Professional kit $2,500 Due by start of class
Sales Tax $206.25 Due by start of class
Future Professional Textbooks $255 Due by start of class
Enrollment fee $100 Due by start of class
Texas student permit fee ^ $25 Due by start of class
Total $17,086.02 *All prices are subject to change



In addition to the program requirements, the future professional must pass the Texas Cosmetology Instructor Written Exam and Practical Exam to become licensed. Testing fees are payable to PSI Exams and can be found on their web page.  Additional equipment and supplies may be required to complete the chosen course of study and by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) for practical evaluations and the State Board Practical exam. The Texas Cosmetology Instructor license fee, payable to TDLR, can be found on their web site. On occasion, Total Transformation Institute travels to outside educational events, which could require the future professional to pay admission.


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This program does not qualify for Federal Student Aid.

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